Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where to Eat? Impromptu decision at Impromptu Cafe

It happens to all of us, to ask the question of where to eat during lunch hours. Impromptu Cafe servers Italian food without burning a hole in your pocket. Their speciality and what makes them different, you asked? Of course it’s their hand-made pastas !! This cafe is located in Menara Hap Seng, this new and hip cafe offer plenty of choices of hand-made pastas with various creative sauces.


Above: Crispy Crab Cakes (RM11.90) – RECOMMENDED

Dinner started with pieces of golden and Crispy Crab Cakes, with lots of shredded crab meat within. Definitely reminds me of Tod Man Kung (a Thai delicacy).

Second dish was Soft-Shell Crab Salad (Wifey’s favourite).


Above: Soft-shell Crab Salad (RM12.90)

We tried the Grilled Chicken Pesto, which was served with a generous portion of grilled chicken on top. I feel the chicken breast meat was too dry as I prefer it to be juicier. However, the pesto pasta was very good with thick, fragrant and full of flavour.


Above: Grilled Chicken Pesto (RM15.90)

The Tandoori Chicken Fettuccine was fabulous too, a picture speaks a thousand words.


Above: Tandoori Chicken Fettuccine (RM16.90) – RECOMMENDED

The next dish was Curried Soft Shell Crab with charcoal-flavoured pasta here, resulting in the darker colour outlook. Definitly good to detox your stomach with the benefits of charcoal.


Above: Curried Soft Shell Crab (RM17.90) – RECOMMENDED

Mushroom & Veggie Fettuccine for vegetarians, nothing to shout about.


Above: Mushroom & Veggie Fettuccine (RM14.90)

If you fancy burger, then you must try their best-seller Lamb-urger, a juicy lamb patty topped with mango chutney sauce in between 2 home-made sesame buns. Simply delicious.


Above: Impromptu Lamb-urger (RM16.90) – RECOMMENDED

For desserts, the recommendations are Chocolate Cheese Brownie and Grapes Cheesecake. It is good to know that both the cakes used Philadelphia cream cheese in it, making them so much smoother and rich without that overpowering cheese smell.


Above: Chocolate Cheese Brownie (RM12.90)


Above: Grapes Cheesecake (RM13.90)


Above: Impromptu Cafe

To kickstart yourself to try, they are having a promotion of Buy 1 Free 1 Pasta right now!


Impromptu Cafe
1st Floor, Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel No: +603-2141 0227
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 10:30 am – 8:30 pm

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