Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maid Cafe is Here in Malaysia

I never been to Japan till now, and when i was introduced to the concept of Maid Cafe which is a very popular concept restaurant founded in Japan, I was curious what is it actually. I have chance to experience it at Tenshi No Cafe, e@Curve. Being a sub-category of theme restaurants, a Maid Cafe features waitresses who are dressed like maids, in particular, French maids. Their job is to act as servants to please the patrons of the restaurants, also known as their masters/mistresses. Here, you'll be treated as it's your own home, with the maids at their disposal. Now, you wonder how the maids looks like, you'll be surprised !

Maid Cafe-4

Above: Kurumi Chan, one of the maids at Tenshi

We had the opportunity to visit Tenshi No Cafe one night, and were pleasantly surprised by the kind and warm attention given by the 3 cute maids on duty that night. The services offered:

  1. A Polaroid photo with the maid of your choice – RM8
  2. A round of conventional games / PlayStation 3 with the maid (max. 5 minutes) – RM5
  3. Spoon-feed by the maid – RM3 for 3 spoons

So does this tickle your fancy? :) The environment of the restaurant was largely pink and white, with a spacious area decorated with lots of Japanese figurines.

Maid Cafe-2

Above: Sexy figurine on display (Just look at the ... ehem..)

Maid Cafe-3

Above: More figurines

Maid Cafe-19

Above: 10 Commandments of Maid Cafe

Maid Cafe-5

Above: The adorable Kurumi Chan

The Banana Milk Shake was my favourite, with a pleasant aroma of bananas and refreshing to drink. If you’re adventurous enough, you could even ask for it to be mixed with Coke for a different effect.

Maid Cafe-11

Banana Milk Shake (RM9.50) - RECOMMENDED

Maid Cafe-14

Above: Edamame (RM8.90)

Maid Cafe-15

Above: Salmon Fish Ball (RM9.90) - RECOMMENDED

Maid Cafe-16

Above: Karaage (RM9.90) - RECOMMENDED

One of their daily specialties is the Kawaii Bento-Bento, which is a box of cutely arranged bento with different selection every night.

Maid Cafe-6

Above: Couple Hangout – Teriyaki chicken (RM19.90)

Maid Cafe-8

Above: Fish N Ship – Unagi (RM19.90)

As mentioned before, one of the service the performing a charm to your food. One of our dinner mates, Thomas volunteered to be fed by the maids.

Maid Cafe-7

Above: Putting some ‘charm’ to the food

Maid Cafe-9

Above: Lucky basket

Una Toji Rice and Katsu Curry Rice which I personally preferred the Unagi rice which was served piping hot on a bed of eggs and rice. Unagi is always a safe choice :-)

Maid Cafe-12

Above: Una Toji Don (RM21.90)

Maid Cafe-13

Above: Mango Curry Rice (RM19.90)

The Mango Curry Rice was pretty interesting though, with cubes of sweet mango on top. Combining that with the curry was a balance of spicy and sweet. However, I feel the curry aroma was not strong enough. It tasted tad peppery and salty.

Maid Cafe-17

Above: Katsu Curry Rice (RM19.90)

Maid Cafe-18

Above: Seafood Spaghetti (RM23.90)

Maid Cafe-20

Above: Dining environment of Tenshi No Cafe

It was overall a pretty eye-opening experience, not so much on the food, but the whole idea of being served by cute-looking maids who provided more than just food.
A good place to cheer yourself when you're lonely :D

Maid Cafe-10

Above: Two of the maids

Now for some good news! If you think dining here would put a hole in your pocket, then you should catch out on this wonderful deal by

1* Choice of any Japanese Rice
1* Choice of Kawaii-Bento
1* Tenshi Dessert
2 * Ice & Shaky

Normal Price: RM83
Deal Price: RM38
Discount: 55%
Deal only available during these dates: 29 Mar 2011 – 3 April 2011

Hahah Rewards Multiplier
Tier 1 after a total of 30 transactions: FREE “Spoon Feed – 3 spoons” worth RM3
Tier 2 after a total of 50 transactions: FREE Choice of “Conventional Games” or “Playstation 3” for one round worth RM5

Maid Cafe-1

Above: Tenshi Cafe


Tenshi No Cafe
LG18, North Side, e@Curve
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Operating Hours :10.30am to 10.30pm
Facebook Page:


  1. can't say i subscribe to the whole idea of this maid cafe thing, didn't go into one when I was in japan either. :S

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