Saturday, April 9, 2011

Desserts, anyone? Never Say No, right?

I never really find any good desserts, until I tried out My Honeymoon. “Our desserts, your honeymoon” is the tagline that My Honeymoon lives by. It is a rapidly growing dessert chain in KL, has just opened its 6th outlet right here at Kuchai Lama, a place where it is easier to find a coin on the floor than a car park. Their specialty is creating authentic Hong Kong-style dessert using the highest quality of ingredients that are also fresh. The new outlet was decorated in such a bright environment to attract younger crowds, compared to the previous outlet which was with brown furniture. We had really hard time to choose even one out of the menu, can you believe that they offers 250 types of mouth-watering desserts?


Above: Layers of fine durian ice (Durian Love) - RECOMMENDED

The Durian Love was my favourite that night – soft, finely-shaved ice flavoured with durian was delectable especially for durian lovers. The shaved ice in particular was amazingly fine and presented in layers and layers of ice sheets, making it almost too pretty to be eaten. Served on the sides were some agar-agar, grass jelly and red bean, creating a classy ensemble  of red, black and white.


Above: Durian Pancake (RM9)

Next was the Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo too, a popular Hong Kong dessert. Sweet mango with juicy pomelo, with a slight bitterness.


Above: Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo (RM12) - RECOMMENDED

The black soy bean curd (tau foo fah) was nothing to shout about though.


Above: Taichi Soy Bean (RM6)


Above: Mango Special Maruko Drink (RM9)

The Mango Special Lo was lots of mangoes presented on top of what appeared to be like sheets of soy bean curd. The bean curd sheets were shaped like flat noodles and had a slightly firmer texture compared to ‘tau foo fah’. Pretty interesting though.


Above: Mango Special Lo (RM13)

The specialty of Mango Magic lies in the mini white-coloured balls served on the side, which provided a burst of sour flavour with every bite. It's really fun !


Above: Mango Magic (RM12)

The Mango Glutinous Roll was apparently one of their best-sellers but I didn't find the mango taste in it though.


Above: Mango Glutinous Roll (RM9)

Next was the Chocolate Love, finely shaved chocolate-flavoured ice with crunchy peanuts on top and bananas on the sides, pretty addictive I would say.


Above: Chocolate Love (RM11)

Although the Mellow Fellow Pastry looked gorgeous, I found the pastry is too big while just one scoop of ice-cream? If it goes 3, then it's perfect :P


Above: Mellow Fellow Pastry (RM16)

The Six Happiness Sweet Ball was served hot with six balls of different fillings – sesame, peanut, custard, taro, green tea and chocolate


Above: Six Happiness Sweet Ball  (RM7)


Above: The crowd of dessert lovers


Above: My Honeymoon at Kuchai Lama

Will I return? Yes even I feel the price was a little pricey. For first timers, I suggest you to start with either Durian Love or Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo, it won't go wrong :-)


My Honeymoon Dessert House (next to Chicken Hot Pot, opposite Snowflake)
19, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel. no: 1-800-22-1880 / +603-7982 9596
Facebook page:
GPS Coordinates: 3.090478,101.6873


  1. With this kind of photo, who wouldn't drool over such a great desserts. Especially the durians! Slurp! Miss them ....

  2. I am really curious as to what machine they use to churn out such beautiful layers of ice cream? I wanna try the durian one....

  3. Myhoneymoon Dessert really a nice place to hang out with friends..

  4. ok i've tried the Durian Love! next gonna try the Mango cream with Sago and Pamelo! :D

  5. more and more dessert places noowww, so yums!

  6. @tekkaus, ice kacang machine? :P

  7. @nikel, yep, not as pack as the other shop. But abit pricey i feel

  8. @KY, yes indeed. When would you want to hang out together? Maybe your area, SS2?

  9. @Caroline, smart, those are my Honeymoon !

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