Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to eat in SS2?

New kid in the block, Mojo’s Upstairs is a new restaurant in SS2 with a comfortable price and comfy environment. I will show you the recommended dish as the first picture. That was Linguine Duck Aglio Olio, the crispy duck served with linguine that was tossed with roasted chili and olive oil. It was tossed with some chili flakes and olive oil, adding extra spicy taste to it.

Mojo -19

Above: Linguine Duck Aglio Olio (RM18) – RECOMMENDED

For appetizer, we started with Bruschetta which I believe no need any introduction. Pretty refreshing and good enough to fill the empty stomach while waiting for the mains.

Mojo -3

Above: Bruschetta (RM7.90)

Wifey, on the other hand doesn't fancy sour stuff like tomato. So, she prefer Garlic Bread instead.

Mojo -4

Above: Garlic Bread (RM5.90)

The Wild Mushroom soup was nothing to shout about, except for it's pretty healthy version, without creamy taste.

Mojo -5

Above: Wild mushroom soup (RM9.90)

We also tried the Lamb Shank, braised until tender and served on a bed of mashed potatoes and mint sauce. Mojo -7

Above: Lamb Shank (RM28)

If you're a fan of the classic chicken chop, which at an affordable price of RM13, then this is your call. Marinated butterfied (coated with butter) chicken served with mushroom brown sauce, fries and coleslaw – a combination that almost never fails! It was served with fries, enough to make you full.

Mojo -8

Above: Classic Chicken Chop (RM13)

Another classic dish was Fish and Chips, served with tartar sauce.

Mojo -13

Above: Fish and Chips (RM13)

Next was the Spaghetti Marinara, or spaghetti cooked with Napolitano sauce and fresh seafood but I prefer the Duck Linguine over this.Mojo -9

Above: Spaghetti Marinara (RM15)

Fettuccine Carbonara was served with a few sizable slices of sauteed beef bacon in cream sauce. If the sauce is thicker, then it would be perfect.

Mojo -14

Above: Fettuccine Carbonara (RM13)

If you're meat lovers, I suggest you go with Lasagne, which had minced beef seasoned with herbs and spices generously stuffed in between lasagne sheets before being drizzled with beef sauce and grated cheese.

Mojo -11

Above: Beef Lasagne (RM15)

Last but not least, we tried the Home baked Chicken and Mushroom Pie, which was creamy chicken and baby button mushrooms served in a baked puff pastry, together with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. This was served piping hot with a nicely puffed pastry, which exploded with flavours upon puncturing it. I am always a sucker for anything with pastry so I found this to be really delicious and comforting. It has to be eaten while hot though, since the pastry wouldn’t stay puffed for long.

Mojo -12

Above: Home baked Chicken and Mushroom Pie (RM13)

The dining environment of Mojo’s also brought back nostalgia with items we used to see in the olden days.

Mojo -1

Above: I don't remember I ever used this iron before.

Mojo -20

Above: Mojo’s Upstairs at SS2, hidden above 7 Eleven


Mojo’s Upstairs
No. 8, Mezzanine Floor,
Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel no.: +603-7873 0036
Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Closed on Monday)
GPS Coordinates: 3.117243,101.621842


  1. You lamb shanks look like someone's heart. ;p

  2. looks like a pretty decent place, it is not easy to survive at ss2 though, lets hope this place does. :)