Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fly with Flying Chillies

One day in the Gardens, when I asked wifey what to eat, she answered "Flying Chillies". I know that's gonna burn a hole in my pocket, but I said ok. As she always recommend this place to me, saying the Tom Yum is super nice, so ok la to give in and try. So, here I am, waiting anxiously for the food. I didn't know what to order, as the drinks are pretty pricey here. As it's pricey already, might as well get something special, right?


Above: Waiting for food on fully-packed night

So, I ordered the tall Thai Iced Tea, which was prettily prepared with 3 distinct layers – tea, milk and palm sugar (gula melaka). This was very fragrant with palm sugar, albeit a tad sweet. Not something I would order again, it's basically drinking Gula Melaka, no taste of Tea for me.


Above: Thai Iced Tea (RM10)

We started with appetizer -> Crispy Cat fish salad with Green Mango, a nice balance of spicy and sour pickled mango combined with the crunch of cat fish skin was just too hard to resist! The fried cat fish skin was light and crispy but never oily. However, don't fancy the cat fish, but I can finish the whole mango salad by myself ! :)


Above: Crispy Cat fish salad with Green mango (RM13.50)


Thai Jasmine White rice (RM2.50)

After the long wait, here is the main thing -> Flying Chillies Fire Pot Tom Yam! Yes, it was good, indeed. With surprisingly generous amount of fish and seafood in it.


Above: Flying Chillies Special Fire Pot Tom Yam (RM25.50) - RECOMMENDED


Above: Fresh seafood

Another recommendation was the Red Curry Chicken, served on a square bowl. Think and creamy curry, with a dollop of coconut cream on top for good measure. It was savoury, spicy and extremely fragrant. Yes, thumbs up !


Above: Red Curry Chicken (RM16) - RECOMMENDED

Our last main course was Steamed Siakap with Lime. This is pretty pricey, but as i love steam fish, so just pay la. However, it's not as I expected. Probably it's Siakap, so I felt the meat was a too soft and had a mashy texture.


Above: Steamed Siakap with Lime (RM45)

Will I return again? Yes, for the Tom Yum and maybe try something else in the menu. With CIMB credit card, we managed to get 15% off our total bill :)


Above: Flying Chillies at The Gardens Mall


Flying Chillies
Lot T219, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel no: +603-2287 7708
Fax no.: +603-2287 7710


  1. The foods very nice! hehe nevermind la, as long as u both enjoy the foods and most important value for the money right?? :) whoaa! get 15% off somemore! not bad la dat! :D

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  2. Sounds like CIMB really gives a lot of privileges. :)

  3. waaahhh tomyam n red curry....if it's that good like u said...i will pay a visit for sure in the future!! XD

  4. The Thai iced tea looks delicious thou. Thanks.

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