Monday, March 7, 2011

Best of Bangsar Village - Why not try out the Daily Grind?

If you hunger of a huge plate of meal served in front of you, just like what Tony Romas, Chilies or TGIF have to offer, you might want to try out something new at Daily Grind. The burgers here are prepared fresh daily with good quality meat, as well as good quality bread. Location wise, it is situated at a corner on the lower ground of Bangsar Village. The first thing we did were ordered a glass of drinks for each of us. What did I choose, you asked?  Of course a glass of good beer after a stressful day at work.


Above: Drinks at The Daily Grind

Daily Grind offers their own signature ketchup, just right for the french fries. I found this ketchup is actually sourish and spicy at the same time. It tasted like chili sauce + ketchup, you know what I mean?

Daily Grind-1

Above: In-house Ketchup

Our first dish was Nachos with Cheese, a plate of oven-baked nachos with shredded lettuce and melted cheese, served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Nothing to shout about, this dish gets easily cold after a while and nobody seems care to eat it anymore, lol.

Daily Grind-11

Above: Nachos with cheese (RM12)

As a health conscious person, salad or soup has always been my favourite. Next appetizer is TDG Crabby Caesar Salad, however wifey loves the soft shell crab which was involved too :S

Daily Grind-13

Above: TDG’s Crabby Caesar Salad (RM25)

Daily Grind-19

Above: Sigh, i always don't get to eat the crab, all "gone". You know who!

If you read wifey's post on Frontera here, you'll know that I'm always up to the spicy challenge ! So, when I saw the word ‘dynamite wings’ in the menu, I said bring it on ! The TDG Dynamite Wings had juicy chicken wings marinated with secret explosive sauce that sent all of us to our drinks. After the first bite, I paused for few seconds. Yes, it's spicy and i was sweating, but it's not as spicy as Frontera wings. Taste wise, it's better as well marinated!

Daily Grind-17

Above: TDG Dynamite Wings (RM18)

Going into the main course, we chose Lamburgerni, the grilled lamb patty with smoky tomato sauce, pesto and grilled vegetables stacked on top. The first thing I noticed was the burger bread used – it’s whole grain and healthy! Just look at the generous amount of oat on top of the bread. I would say the patty was thick, extremely juicy and tender, with distinct flavours of herbs and pepper. The weird thing? No taste of lamb !

Daily Grind-20

Above: Lamburgerni (RM28)

Next which caught our attention was Chermoula Salmon Fillet Burger, a whole piece of fresh salmon fillet marinated in chermoula dressing, grilled and served with jalapeno cream cheese and cocktail sauce. The salmon fillet was generous and thick, with flaky and smooth texture. I would prefer having salmon fillet (not the burger version). It didn't me give the "kick" of having a Salmon burger. Probably the burger bread should go along with a stronger taste of meat like chicken or beef, while I feel the salmon was a little too bland. It's better to have it as it is. Just my own opinion.

Daily Grind-14

Above: Chermoula Salmon Fillet Burger (RM29)

Now, something I would really recommend !! Everyone agreed of this Slow-Cooked Lamb Stew was the best dish! The plate of tender lamb pieces braised in dark and rich gravy of herbs and tomatoes, served with a creamy mash was every bite a journey to heaven. The lamb pieces were so nicely marinated and had the soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth texture. I licked the gravy clean, I tell you !

 Daily Grind-16

Above: Slow-cooked Lamb Stew (RM28)

Daily Grind-18

Above: The spread of food

Last but not least, something sweet to end our lovely dinner, we ordered a piece of Red Velvet Cake to be shared. It came in a gigantic portion, enough to feed 4 of us! And we can't finish it, can you believe it? The texture was smooth and very spongy, layered with glorious cream in between. Surprisingly tasted like ‘ma lai koh’ or ‘palm sugar sponge cake’.

Daily Grind-3

Above: Red Velvet Cake (RM12)

The Daily Grind is definitely a perfect place for a casual dinner with a group of friends, a new twist rather than the same places again and again.

Daily Grind-4

Above: The Daily Grind at Bangsar Village


The Daily Grind
LG8 Lower Ground, Bangsar Village,
1 Jalan Telawi 1,
59100 Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel no: +603-2287 6708
Fax no.: +603-2287 6707
Business Hours: 11am – 11pm daily


  1. hahaha!! i know who!! :p I think Eric would want to try the dynamite wings! :)

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  2. The red velvet cake looks like someone's bloody meat being stuffed inside. :p

  3. Chermoula Salmon Fillet Burger looks like something that can whet my appetite. :)

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