Friday, February 25, 2011

Frame Your Best Moments at Frames, Sunway Pyramid

Do you ever think of dining while sharing your best shots of photos to the owner? If they like it, you can place it at your restaurant for free. The best part, there there is a buyer, you get some share of it ! Frames is a relatively new restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid, just next to Starbucks at the main entrance. The restaurant is named such due to the abundance of framed photos hung around the walls. These photos are by no means plagiarized or bought off-the-shelf, instead they are actual genuine photos from the owner’s friends and customers.


Above: Al-fresco dining

Signature G-Frost which was sweet and a little sour from the mixture of grape and watermelon juice, topped with juicy lychee on top.


Above: Signature G-Frost (RM8.90) – Mixture of grape and watermelon juice topped with lychee


Above: Watermelon Lychee (RM8.90)


Above: Mango Lychee Kaffir (RM8.90)

One of the best-selling pasta dishes in the menu was called Diablo, a dish of spaghetti tossed with olive oil, coriander, chili flakes and sautéed seafood. Of course it wasn't bad but not be able to match wifey's home-cooked pasta.


Above: Diablo (RM18.90)

The Diablo is actually just a taste of spiciness, nothing else. So, I prefer Spicy Seafood Carbonara which tossed with cream, chili flakes and sautéed seafood was creamy but not thickly so. But be warned, this one is more fattening than the Diablo.


Above: Spicy Seafood Carbonara (RM19.90)

For guys like me, I would try the burgers, home-made own burger patties, also known as gourmet patties. The Beef Burger patty arrived looking gorgeous and thick, layered with lettuce below and a whole fried egg above. The cross-section of the burger was almost screaming to be eaten. The patty was done medium well, to retain the tenderness and juiciness within.


Above: Beef Burger (RM22.90) Juicy beef patty (The best, better than fish and chicken burger).

For fish lovers, you're lucky. The dish burger was made with deep-fried dory slathered with tartar sauce, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions


Above: Fish Burger (RM22.90)


Above: Delicious fish fillet with flaky and smooth texture

The Chicken Burger, nothing to shout about. Not bad but not outstanding for me to mention.


Above: Chicken Burger (RM22.90)

Aside from burgers, we sampled some portions from their Main Orders as well, mostly fish items. Their Crusted Salmon is apparently a best-seller too, with a piece of smoked salmon fillet served with sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, rocket and lime-soy butter. The top layer of the salmon was heavily seasoned with black pepper and spices, giving it a very aromatic flavour.


Above: Trio of Pan Seared Tuna, Mediterranean Lamb Ragu and Crusted Salmon


Above: Crusted Salmon (RM26.90)


Above: Pan Seared Tuna (RM22.90)

For such a wonderful morning on Saturday, a cup of Cappuccino is a bless ! Don't you agree?


Above: Cappuccino (RM8.90)

Of course with an additional of Affogato with a scoop of ice-cream is always welcome !


Above: Affogato (RM7.90)

Some of the cakes we tried were the Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Mousse and Sticky Date Pudding. My favourite pick would be Sticky Date Pudding (RM12.90) with ice-cream.


Above: Chocolate Brownie (RM12.90)


Above: Chocolate Mousse (RM13.90)


Above: Sticky Date Pudding (RM12.90)


Above: The lunch mates: Shanker, Claire, Simonso, Bryan, Mark, Xiang, Jason, Jaclyn, Bok, Ken

Now, to dine at Frames for less than RM30, you just need to Get the Deal at where for only RM29.90, the deal includes 1 Starter: Gamberi Tomato Bruschettas and 2 main courses (Choice of any Burger + Any Choice of Seafood Pasta):

  • 3 Burger Choices from fish burger, beef burger and chicken burger
  • 4 Seafood Pasta Choices from Diablo, Pesto Prawns, Spicy Seafood Carbonara and Marinara

The deal above is worth RM61.30 (including taxes) so getting it RM29.90 is more than 50% off! The best part is, if more than 20 people buy this deal, 2 glasses of Iced-lemon tea would also be thrown in for free. And if the deal has more than 50 transactions, you get a free RM50 voucher for your next visit too. For more details, check out the deal now at before it is over!


Above: Frames Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid


Frames Cafe (next to Starbucks at Sunway Pyramid Old Wing Main Entrance)
Lot OB.K4N, Oasis Boulevard Sunway Pyramid,
3 Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11.30 am- 1am, Fri-Sun:11.30am-2am
Telephone: +603 5631 9989
Fax: +603 5631 9986


  1. Why it is called Diablo in the first place? I thought Diablo is a game? :p

  2. But I would really love to try the custard Salmon. Presentation wise it looks gorgeous. :)

  3. @tekkaus, I guess Diablo gives you the feeling of "hot like hell" feeling, I might be wrong. The crusted Salmon is actually pretty average only, I would recommned you the burger much more.