Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcoming CNY with Dynasty Dragon

Are you ready to welcome CNY this year? You better be because the newly opened Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant at SS2 Mall is one such restaurant ready to offer several set menus for this auspicious occasion. This was my first time entering SS2 mall, even I used to stay here a year ago. That time this mall not even existed yet. In any CNY gathering, Yee Sang is a must-have during all Chinese New Year dinners.

Dynasty Dragon-6

Above: Thai Styled Mango Yee Sang (Half – RM48, Full – RM68)

Dynasty Dragon-11

Above: Salmon slices goes well with the Yee Sang

The uniqueness of this restaurant is the availability of an outdoor swimming pool right outside of the restaurant! Yes, on the 3rd floor of SS2 Mall no less. The manager said that this pool is their special idea meant to be an area for cocktail sessions before wedding dinners. In fact, 3 bikini girls would be thrown in to serve cocktails during the big day, compliments from the restaurant!

Dynasty Dragon-1

Above: Outdoor pool/cocktail area

We continue the dish offerings with Shark Fin soup.

Dynasty Dragon-52

Above: Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin Bone Soup with Four Treasure (RM128/bowl)

Dynasty Dragon-42

Above: Braised Rice with Assorted Dried Meat in Claypot (Small – RM48, Medium – RM68, Large – RM98)

The Roasted Baby Duck was the star dish. It was perfectly roasted to a gleaming finish, perfect with crispy skin and tender meat. Thumbs up !

Dynasty Dragon-10

Above: Roasted Baby Duck (RM25/duck)

Of course, not to forget the Prosperity Combination Dish or Poon Choy, is yet another dish that can be found during Chinese New Year.

Dynasty Dragon-5

Above: Prosperity Combination Dish/Poon Choy (RM68/person – minimum order 4 persons)

Dynasty Dragon-15

Above: Dynasty Dragon Two Combination Appetizer (RM25)

Dynasty Dragon-18

Above: Pan-fried Fresh Water Prawn with Dry Shrimp Sauce

Dynasty Dragon-20

Above: Stir-fried Frog Meat with Macadamia Nut

Dynasty Dragon-21

Above: Steamed Red Snapper with Streaky Pork and Salted Fish

Dynasty Dragon-17

Above: BBQ Three Meat Combination (RM70)

Dynasty Dragon-22

Above: Steamed Scallop with Bean Curd (RM42)

Dynasty Dragon-16

Above: Braised Spare Ribs with Wu Xi Style (RM13)

The team of chefs, led by Executive Chef John Lim, took the effort in preparing all these dishes to usher in the new year.

Dynasty Dragon-19

Above: The chefs and manager

Dynasty Dragon-45

Above: The spread we had !

Dynasty Dragon-3

Above: Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant at SS2 Mall, PJ

Chinese New Year Set Menu (Click to enlarge):


Above: Chinese New Year Set Menu

Overall, I would say the food is above average. Most importantly, the service and environment is definitely a plus for me to confidently recommend this restaurant either for CNY gathering or wedding dinner.


Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant (SS2, PJ)
L3-04, 3rd Floor, SS2 Mall,
No. 40, Jalan SS2/72,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel no.: +603-7954 6328/+603-7954 7328/+603-7954 8328
Fax no.: +603-7954 5328
GPS Coordinates: 3°7’16″N 101°37’36″E


  1. Yum YUM! Can we go there for Lou Sang this month end? LoL! Better not.. nanti the rest of the gang ask ME to pay! we better stick to the one Witch booked dy! :D

  2. hahaha!! Merryn pay, everyone SURE OK!

  3. did u just change the look of your blog? way cool!

  4. oh my, the food certainly looks great here!

  5. @caroline, agree agree !! Once in a time, you say something so right !

  6. @ciki, no changes, still the same :-)

  7. @KY, yes a huge spread at affordable price !

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