Thursday, September 23, 2010

Javanese Street Food @ Waroeng Little Jakarta

This time around let me bring you to Jakarta for its street food. This meant to be cheaper version of Jakarta food offerings. Waroeng Little Jakarta is a relatively new outlet, owned and managed by a young a passionate Remus Chong, who spent a large part of his life in Jakarta.


Above: The entrance to Little Jakarta Restaurant

As I always fancy something spicy like sambal, if you read my Bumbu Bali post. I love Indonesia’s food. Without further ado, I ordered myself Nasi Goreng Jakarta. Honestly, nothing to shout about for this fried rice, pretty average in taste but considering the price, it’s pretty worth with the amount of seafood in it.


Above: Nasi Goreng Jakarta (RM5.90)

The star of the night is Nasi Uduk Komplit, which is pretty the same as the serving of Bumbu Bali, however bear in mind this is cheaper version of it. So I would say it’s worth to try and definitely a good deal. The dish is served with fried chicken or Kremes Chicken. The chicken was extremely crispy and flavourful, and went very well with the sambal on the side.


Above: Nasi Uduk Komplit (RM8.50)

Another dish is recommended by the chef was Crispy Sambal Ijo Flying Fish which was not on the menu! The taste is pretty good but there is only little meat left when it was served. See the picture, you found out that it’s pretty much left the bones?


Above: Crispy Sambal Ijo Flying Fish (RM7.90)

IF you love Otak-Otak and fish like me, you’ll love this dish. Just wish the portion if bigger, lol greedy me :-)


Above: Pepes Tenggiri Set (RM8.50)

Ketupat Rendang set was also yummy, with thick gravy that would go well with the otherwise plain and bland ketupat rice.


Above: Ketupat Rendang Set (RM7.90)

Next, I had Cincau Ijo Limau which served with green jelly had the texture of cincau but have no idea where the green color comes from. The lime and the cooling shaved ice made the combination an absolute thirst-quencher. The first time I tried something like this and I would definitely order this on a hot hot day.


Above: Cincau Ijo, Limau (RM3.90)


Above: Javanese Special Cendol (RM4.50)

As always, I will try to take the photo of the menu of you have a bigger picture of what Little Jakarta is offering you.



Overall, I had a pretty good experience with Little Jakarta and at such a reasonable price, I’ll definitely be back again.

Waroeng Little Jakarta
GF, No 19, Jalan 4/109F,
Taman Danau Desa 2 ,
58200, Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan 58200,
Tel : 03-7982 6060, 017-333 5556
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday ( 11am – 10.30 pm )
GPS Coordinate: N 03*05′ 55.6″, E101*41′ 13.1″


  1. urgh!! early morning saw yummy foods!! T.T Cincau Ijo, Ijo means wat???

  2. Ijo means Hijau! Hijau means Green! LOL! :P

  3. The fried rice is a bit wet wor, I prefer drier version :)

  4. mouth watering when i see the fried rice and the fish.....

  5. wheeeeeee i love indonesian food!