Thursday, September 2, 2010

Buka Puasa the Resort Style By the Sea @ Golden Palm Tree Sepang

As the Ramadhan month is getting to the end, so I’m rushing to post the buffet posts a.s.a.p. Last week, I was invited by visit Golden Palm Tree at Sepang Gold Coast, which is about 70km away from Puchong. Upon reaching, I was hardly believe I was actually in Malaysia ! Such a luxury resort hidden beneath the village.


Above: Dine by the pool, unwind while enjoying your dinner after a whole day fasting.

Once seated, I stood up and the first thing that caught my attention was a nicely decorated desserts section.

IMG_0923 IMG_0924
IMG_0935 IMG_0894
IMG_0895 IMG_0918
IMG_0919 IMG_0920
IMG_0921 IMG_0922
IMG_0897 IMG_0900
 IMG_0914 IMG_0916

Of course I was tempted by the desserts by I did not start with it :) Walking by the main course, you would see the spread as below.


Above: Iga Goreng Bacem



Above: Specially Flown in from Indonesia - Chef Hendro Soejadi

We was also served the Bread with White Chocolate, this bread is so addictive that it was gone in few minutes ! Moist on the inside and crispier on the outside with the sweetness from the white chocolate. Heavenly ! Note that this bread is not in the menu :P


Below shows all sorts of “ulams” and cold dishes which I’m not actually fond of :P


The star of the night is indeed the Ayam Penyet, which I believe a popular Indonesian dish.


Above: Ayam Goreng Penyet

They also serve steamboat and Yong Tau Fu if you love them.


At the BBQ area, we have whole lamb, corn, potatoes and SATAY !


Above: Whole Lamb

IMG_0945 IMG_0948IMG_0950 IMG_0957 IMG_0960 IMG_0961

This is definitely a nice place to relax and enjoy dinner by the breathtaking scenery but you must be willing to drive and a GPS is a must ! Definitely the perfect place to have couple getaway or a family vacation trip.


Golden Palm Tree
Spang Goldcoast No. 67
Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang
Kg Bagan Lalang
43950 Sungai Pelek
Tel No:+603 3182 3600


  1. Nice setting. But a bit too far...

  2. wah, really very nice resort!! look at the infinity pool facing the sea, so luxurious~~

    and that's the whole lamb lying there for you guys to slice, ooooh, poor thing~~ :p

  3. Such a nice place for a weekend getaway! Romantic :)

  4. I've three windows open right now...and all promoting this same place (...except this one has got photo of slim-slim lengliu! No photo of bulat-bulai lengjai as in the previous post kah? Hahahaha!!!). I think if I run a restaurant, I would invite bloggers who are not in the same gang... LOL!!! I've seen this place on tv - really nice...and the food's to die for too. They also showed that on tv. Indonesian...anytime, for me! I love nasi padang.

    P.S. I think I'll just cut and paste this comment and use...Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. Geez! The 1st picture so damn nce!! :D

  6. @khengsiong, yep far but worth the trip I would say

  7. @SK, yep nice resort indeed. Really cant believe such place exists in Malaysia. The only drawback is the sea is muddy, yuckss....

  8. @iamthewitch, hehe when we wanna to there?

  9. @suituapui, same gang post together, the effect is bigger. So it has advantages too ! :)

  10. @caroline, yep love it too ;)

  11. the ayam penyet seem more like grilled chicken :P

  12. @choi yen, yes you're right in some sense.

  13. @uLi, hehe the scenery was even more yummy

  14. Once seated, you stood up.. NICE.. with place like that, i wont want to be seated too.. i want to EXPLORE :D

  15. Wow, really nice place. Very scenic at night!

  16. You went there with chicks? Very romantic. :)

  17. @Merryn, yep but i'm more attracted to the food first. Stomach must be full before can explore around.

  18. @Jasmine, yes. Mmm how come your name linked to web hosting website one?

  19. You went with a witch?! :)
    Yeah, I am the admin for the web hosting site. :)

  20. Good food and romantic scene ... Best!